It’s world egg day…

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According to the International Egg Commission, World Egg Day is a “unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and is celebrated in countries all around the world.” But when we looked around, everyone was talking about chickens. Now that might make The Hound happy, but what about dragons? Won’t somebody please think about the dragons?

They were thought to be extinct until a silver haired girl in Essos threw a few of their eggs in a fire one evening (late night BBQ?) but she didn’t get sunny side up, she got 3 new fire-breathing kids. Not a bad trade off.

But what about the rest of us? What about our dragon eggs? Well we can have them too if we so wish, but these kind are probably not best left in a fire overnight.



Plush Dragon Eggs From ThinkGeek

These plush dragon eggs from ThinkGeek are a cool little item to take with you when cosplaying or just to have around the house and use for either comfort when one of your favorite characters die, or to throw against the wall… when one of your favorite characters die.

Get Them Here







Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Speaking of when favorite characters die, some of us like to binge drink with our trusty Game of Thrones flask, while others prefer to bury their faces in food. Keep a dragon egg full of cookies with one of these make it easier on your broken heart.

Get One Here







Watch Game Of Thrones On The Go

As Game of Thrones fans we love to quote, make reference, and generally annoy our friends and family with our obsessive impressive knowledge of the show. Why not shove it in their face further by being able to watch the show wherever you go?

No more Youtubing scenes from your phone and no more “well if I had my Blu Rays here”. Depending on file size you could fit at least two seasons on this bad boy with the right conversion.

Get One Here







Keep Your Dragons Close To You

“The dragons eggs in Game of Thrones. They are the rebirth of a line. They’re a thing of beauty with a secret power inside that takes just the right person to unlock it. They are hope rising out of the ashes. Let this Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Pendant be that for you”

Get One Here



They Also Come In Silver









A Dragon Mother’s Work Is Never Done

Too many papers on your iron desk? Or maybe you need little Game of Thrones reminders here and there at work to get you through the day.  Why not grab one of these cool paperweights? This one’s a Drogon. They also have Rhaegal and Viserion. Correct your coworkers on the difference while promising a lunchtime viewing with the usb egg you just bought. It’ll be awesome.

Get One Here







How About The Real Deal?

Well not quite, but these collectible official replicas from the show are pretty sweet. So realistic looking they’d fool quite a few of your friends. Still, realistic or not, we wouldn’t be doing the hot bed of coal run with these anytime soon.

Get The Set Here






Happy World Egg Day!


World Egg Day: Game Of Thrones Style

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