If you’re not one of the 6.6 million viewers who got to see the Game Of Thrones premiere last Sunday, and would rather not be one of the 1.17 million who pirated it, you may still be in luck to catch up without waiting for a rerun. Starting April 8th through the 14th, X-Box has announced that you will be able to stream the premiere from your X-Box One or 360, whether you subscribe to HBO or have a Live Gold membership.

HBO has stated that this partnership sampling has been in the works and has nothing to do with the record number of torrents downloaded following the premiere. In addition to the episode stream, you can also view behind the scenes footage, featurettes and interviews with the cast, there’s even a bonus quiz to test your knowledge of the realm.

In the meantime, you can check out this video of X-Box’s Blain Howard at SXSW’s Game Of Thrones exhibit, complete with cast interviews from Maisie Williams, Kristian Nairn and Gwendoline Christie.


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