“The Real Housewives Of Westeros”: As told by Sophie Turner


It goes without saying that the world of Westeros was created by a brilliant story teller, but what happens when one of the characters within that world tells a story of their own? While it’s not actually actually a character telling the story, but the actress portraying her, who knew that Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) was quite the narrator herself?

In this hilariously dark (and sometimes steamy) adaptation of “The Real Housewives“, Sophie tells an intricately woven tale of deception, betrayal and passion, starring the women of Westeros (if they were on reality TV, rather than playing the “Game Of Thrones”).

Winter may be coming, but I’m still hella hot!

– Sansa, The Boss-Ass B***

From Sansa and Margaery’s love affair, to cat fights between Arya and Cersei during a blood drinking party. Get ready for one hell of a party, involving dragons, dire wolves and all kinds of other awesome madness from the mind of Sophie Turner.

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