“Pantene will give you healthy looking hair, with every wash”

– Jon Snow

jon snow impersonators, kit harrington, jimmy kimmel, steve love

Jon Snow is a favorite among many in the realm of Game of Thrones fans, whether it’s for his honor, strength, courage… or hair. He’s someone many fans would want to be with, while others want to be.

These three guys took it to another level and perfected their own Jon Snow impressions and as luck would have it, when Kit Harington stopped by Jimmy Kimmel, they were able to try them out in front of the man himself.

But the last guy, Steve Love (his Twitter) from Ottawa, Canada doesn’t stop there. Apparently he can do enough impressions of enough characters to re-enact his own episode. This guy is too good.

** Notice the wink at the end of his Sam impression? **

Check out these hilarious impressions below.

Jon Snow Impersonators Try Out Their Best In Front Of Kit Harington

Watch as these Jon Snow impersonators do their best impressions while reading shampoo bottles, cereal boxes and real estate listings all in character, for the man himself, Kit Harington.


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