Rocks and swords and stuff…

This week, a Game of Thrones fan favorite stopped by Jimmy Fallon to surprise him, and of course we couldn’t be more excited when we heard that it was a certain ruler, from across a certain narrow sea.

That’s right, Daenerys Targeryn was Jimmy’s guest and she filled us in on everything she’s got going on with her life, what with dome building and her stand up comedy routines.

Or something like that. You see, Jimmy’s fellow SNL alumni Kristen Wiig is known for role playing while appearing on the show (psst, Michael Jordan really isn’t as tall as everyone thought) and this time was no different as she channeled the “Mother of Dragons”. Or more specifically in this case, the mother of Carl.

Check it out.

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Not-Khaleesi Kristen & Her Dragon Carl

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