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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s day is almost here, don’t get left out in the cold without a gift. We’ve all seen what can happen to scorned lovers in the land of Westeros, you don’t want to end up in the doghouse, that’s for sure.

And, who says you have to spend a lot of money? We’ve put together a quick list to help shop for that special someone in your life, without breaking the Iron Bank of Braavos. From clothing to collectibles, drinkware, and jewelry, we hope you find what you’re looking for on our Game of Thrones Valentine’s Day gift guide.


His & Hers Sweaters

Cozy up during the cold winter months in these Game of Thrones hoodies & sweatshirts.

His & Hers T-Shirts

Or, if it’s not cold where you are right now (be patient my sweet summer child, Winter is coming, whether you like it or not!) you can always check out some t-shirts. Here are some “his and hers” followed by women’s and men’s.

Women’s Tees

Men’s Tees


If there’s one thing that the Westerosi like to do, it’s drink. Tyrion himself is known as the god of tits and wine and Cersei? Well, we all know how she feels about a good barrel of wine. Toast to the one you love the most this Valentine’s day, with this Game of Thrones inspired drinkware.

Coffee Mugs


For the collector couples, pair yourselves up like the characters you love with Game of Thrones action figures. Whether you like the Legacy style or Pop! vinyl, you can choose famous couples like Daenerys and Khal Drogo, Jon Snow and Ygritte, or the most recently shipped Tormund and Brienne. And if your and your significant other are little less obvious, we listed every Game of Thrones Funko Pop character here. Whatever represents you best!


And finally on our Game of Thrones Valentine’s gift list, jewelry. Don’t worry, we kept it very affordable for this section, but we also made sure the items had good reviews. Also, if you don’t recognize the pearl looking ring at the bottom left, it’s a replica of Daenerys’ mother’s ring. She wore it during her wedding to Khal Drogo.

Now that you’ve got your Valentine’s Day shopping done,

why not check out some cards?

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