10 New Photos & Preview Of “Sons of The Harpy”

HBO has released 10 new photos from the upcoming Game of Thrones episode “Sons Of The Harpy”. We’ve added them below as well as included the teaser promo for this weekends episode. Enjoy!


Daenerys Targaryen

game of thrones, sons of the harpy, daenerys targaryenWe missed out on some Daenerys in episode 3, just as things are getting shaken up in Meereen. Hopefully we make up for it this episode!


Tommen Baratheon

game of thrones, sons of the harpy, tommen baratheon


So far being a king isn’t so bad for young Tommen. You’ve got a big house, hot wife… now he’s just gotta figure out how to get Cersei into the old folks home.

Tommen and Margaerygame of thrones, sons of the harpy, tommen, margaery


Shireen Baratheongame of thrones, sons of the harpy, shireen baratheon

Poor Shireen at the wall. You’ve basically got two friends in life, Sir Davos who’s busy with your father burning wildlings, and Gilly, who just wants to talk about your facial defect and how her sisters all died from it.


Ellaria Sandgame of thrones, sons of the harpy, ellaria sand

You must choose between Doran’s way and peace, or my way, and war.

Ellaria’s pissed, and why wouldn’t she be? She watched her hubby’s head get squashed like a grape. It’s time for her to get revenge, and with that, we introduce:


The Sand Snakesgame of thrones, sons of the harpy, sand snakes

Finally, some Sand Snakes!

Obara Sandgame of thrones, sons of the harpy, obara sand

The “leader” of the crew, Obara Sand is the oldest of Oberyn’s eight¬†bastards.¬†Strong, martial, and not someone to mess with, she attacks her enemies head on and is described as being most like her father, even choosing the spear as her weapon of her choice (just like dear old Dad).

Nymeria Sandgame of thrones, sons of the harpy, nymeria sand

Nymeria is the second of Oberyn’s bastards. She uses a whip like her Eastern noblewoman mother (who died in battle) and is known as the more calculating member of The Sand Snakes.

Tyene Sandgame of thrones, sons of the harpy, tyene sand, rosabell laurenti sellers

The third of Oberyn’s bastard and eldest of his daughters with Ellaria. Tyene uses daggers, but like her father she is also skilled in the art of poison, dipping the blades which can kill an enemy by merely scratching them.

Sansa Stark

game of thrones, sons of the harpy, sansa stark

Sansa back in Winterfell, presumably in the crypts visiting her father. Let’s hope Sansa is picking up some style from Littlefinger and starts planning the downfall of these Boltons.


Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4 Promo: Sons Of The Harpy

“Sons Of The Harpy” premieres May 3, 2015 at 9pm EST

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