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The Sons Of The Harpy.

The men in the golden masks from the recent Game Of Thrones trailers. A sect of suspected nobles from Meereen, who wish to overthrow Daenerys’ rule


Three New Game Of Thrones Promos: Future, Sinners, Enemy 

“Three for three”. Three new Game Of Thrones promos were released by HBO today, with just three days left to until season 5.  It’s amazing to think that by this time on Monday, we’ll be discussing these episodes in full, I think that’s why this weekend is going to be a very long (and exciting) few days for Game Of Thrones fans.


Season 5 Promo: “Future”

The past is the past. The future, is all that’s worth discussing.

– Lord Petyr Baelish


Season 5 Promo: Enemy

Season 5 Promo: Sinners

Strip away the gold, and the ornaments. Knock down the statues, and this is what remains.

– High Sparrow



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