Game of Thrones Parody & Fun

Westeros can be a depressing place, filled with violence and heartbreak. Lighten up and laugh with these funny features.

(Video) Parody – The Hound Scores A Commercial Deal

The Hound & Arya definitely stole the the premiere episode of season 4 this past Sunday with their scene that started out with the big man looking for some chicken. But to take it one step further, check out this hilarious video from Jimmy Kimmel...
game of thrones, swear words

Game Of F****s: Every Swear Word From Seasons 1-3

Epic battles, cut throat politics and dragons, all great reasons to watch Game of Thrones. Add sex and violence, and you have just a couple of reasons why it's not on regular network TV. But how about 126 more reasons? While the other stuff might be ...

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