Game Of Thrones knowledge let’s go…

We all love Game Of Thrones, that much is obvious. But with only 2 episodes left, “summer is coming” (AKA withdrawal season) so we’ll need somethin to jam to around the BBQ, while still getting enough of a fix to help us through until next April.

In this hilarious music parody video, rapper Bizzair gives us “an accurate representation of what goes on in Game Of Thrones”, as he puts it. Taking us on a tour through Westeros, we visit all of our favorite characters and storylines, as he gives us the low down on what it’s really like to play “The Game Of Throats”.

Game Of Thrones Parody Rap by Bizzair

Game Of Throats

A Game Of Thrones parody rap by Bizzair

Beat by DJUncleSkeeter
Recorded and Mixed by Bizzair

Find Bizzair on Twitter | Soundcloud

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