I’ve got a blank page baby, and I’ll write your name!


Game Of Thrones Meet Taylor Swift (Blank Page Parody)


Imagine if George R.R. Martin turned pop star and decided to write a love song about his characters, we think it would be slightly more twisted and brutal than most of the other songs on Billboard.

And that’s what we pretty much get in this hilarious parody of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, in which not-George R.R. Martin basically threatens those closest to him, because well, that’s just how he rolls.

Written by Freddy Scott, “Blank Page” stars Nick Mundy as George R.R. Martin, Emily Rudd as Daenerys Targaryen, and Brandon Hillock as Jon Snow. It’s a brilliant take on how fans feel perpetually uneasy when it comes to their beloved characters, and their fates while living in G.R.R.M.’s world. Better yet, the imagery of George floating around the house, dancing like a diva while singing the following chorus is just too ridiculous not to love.


You could die in a sword fight
or burn in dragons flames
just when they think it’s alright
I crossed off another name
So much death in the seven kingdoms
you could say I’m insane
’cause you know I love king slayers
and you love Game Of Thrones!

Westeros is a cruel land
you won’t get very far
you could lose your sword hand
saving Brienne of Tarth
so much death in the seven kingdoms
you could say I’m insane
but I’ve got a blank page baby
and I’ll write your name!


You can purchase the mp3 | Freddy Scott “Blank Page” here for .99 cents.



George R. R. Martin’s “Blank Page” | A Parody Of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” (By Freddy Scott)

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