Valar Morghulis… especially when they mess with the Starks!

Game Of Thrones: House Stark Season 5 Trailer


A compilation of all the released Arya and Sansa scenes of season 5 until now

Maybe it’s because we’re fans of the Starks around here, or maybe it’s just because the house has seen more tragedy than any other in the course of Game Of Thrones season 1-4, but this is as cool as it gets for previews. It’s a chilling reminder of their past, as well as a prelude for what is yet to come for what’s left of one of the more notorious families in Westeros.

This fan made trailer was cut to include scenes related to both Sansa and Arya stark, as well as other story lines from the north, it definitely helps set the mood for next week. Avenge them!

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