How cool is this Game of Thrones fan art?

With the amount of followers Game of Thrones has, there’s no shortage of fan tributes. But we came across something a little different in our recent travels through the e-realm. A small (but hopefully growing) collection of drawings by Artist Jody Steel.

The talent is obvious, but what makes these drawings even cooler, is that she draws most of them on herself! (And she does it with seemingly little effort.)

It’s something she calls Thigh Art and she does everything from animals, to character pieces like Walter White, Gandalf, Batman, Superman, as well as other iconic characters across the fandom universe. She’s even got Bossk and Boba Fett sitting down to some cards. But of course, we came to check out these Game Of Thrones goodies here:

Clockwise from the top left: Paper version of Tyrion, a penned version of The Hound, Daenerys after “giving birth” to her Dragons (season 1, episode 10 “Fire and Blood”)

– Images by: Jody Steel


As you can see, she’s really talented, it’s crazy how life like The Hound looks just from a pen.

But even cooler than that is this time lapse video of her working live.

Check out this video of her working on a Thigh Art piece of fan fave Tyrion Lannister, and when you’re done with that, don’t forget to check our her official website for more cool fan art. You can also follow her on Facebook.

Game Of Thrones Fan Art Time Lapse: By Jody Steel

Check it out as artist Jody Steel time lapses this drawing of a fan fave Game Of Thrones character, on her thigh!

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