Game of Thrones F-Word Recap “Kill The Boy”

Sometimes you just want to get to the point. What if an entire Game Of Thrones episode consisted of nothing but crude one liners and vulgarity? Oh… wait a minute, according to some, that would just be another episode.

Okay so what if someone just took only the swear words and put them together in a montage? Dammit, that’s right, Game Of F***s already exists.

Okay, so what if just the recap were done in a hilarious screen shot summary, with all normal dialog replaced with the four letter word cliff notes, how would that play out?

game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-01 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-02 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-03 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-04 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-05 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-06 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-07 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-08 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-09 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-10 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-11 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-12 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-13 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-14 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-15 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-16 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-17 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-18 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-19 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-20 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-21 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-22 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-23 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-24 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-25 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-26 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-27 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-28 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-29 game-of-thrones-s5e05-f-word-recap-30

Game Of Thrones F-Word Recap “Kill The Boy”

Some times 4 letters will do the trick. Here’s a link to sum up an entire episode in 30 screen shots, with a not so subtle, but almost dead on summary of recent events on Game Of Thrones.

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