Game of Thrones Dorbz

If you’re into collectible toys, chances are you’ve heard of Funko, a company that makes Game of Thrones action figures (among other things) their more notable line being the “Pop!” series. Pops are a vinyl bobblehead style toy based on various pop culture franchises. While not limited to Game of Thrones, vinyl figures, in general, have a huge niche following and following the success of “Pop!” a new toy was introduced. For our interests, these are the Game of Thrones Dorbz, which feature a simpler, more “cutesy” design than their predecessors.

Dorbz are also a bit smaller than the Funko Pop Game of Thrones line, standing at 3″ tall vs. 3.75″ pops. In terms of body shape, these are also rounder than the typical bobblehead style design of the latter, and tend to have a painted on look vs. some of the more detailed designs on Pop! The only exception being the Night King, whose face is a little more 3D than the rest of the first edition line.

The Game of Thrones Dorbz line is still very new, currently only featuring five characters. We’ll be interested to see which characters are featured in the next wave, however, and we’ll keep you updated as soon as they’re released.

Currently Available Game of Thrones Dorbz

game of thrones dorbz, daenery targaryen, vinyl collectible, funko

Funko Dorbz: Daenerys Targaryen

Dorbz #145: Daenerys Targaryen featured in her blue riding dress, most famously worn in episodes 3.04 “And Now His Watch is Ended” during the takeover of Astapor, as well as 3.10 “Mhysa” as she frees Yunkai.

game of thrones dorbz, jon snow, vinyl collectible, funko

Funko Dorbz: Jon Snow

Dorbz #144: Jon Snow in his Castle Black best. Would be interesting to see if we get a Jon “Stark” version of any of his action figures moving forward. Not just for the Game of Thrones Dorbz series, but in general.

game of thrones dorbz, tyrion lannister, vinyl collectible, funko

Funko Dorbz: Tyrion Lannister

Dorbz #143: Tyrion Lannister, complete with a battle scar, but no “hand of the king” pin. Looks like seasons 3-4.

game of thrones dorbz, ned stark, vinyl collectible, funko

Funko Dorbz: Ned Stark

Dorbz #142: Ned Stark, looking livelier than ever. But this Ned will be safer getting attached to, considering he’s almost certain to have a longer shelf life than the first one. R.I.P. Original Ned, long live Dorbz Ned.

game of thrones dorbz, night king, vinyl collectible, funko

Funko Dorbz: The Night King

Dorbz #146: The Night King. One of the more detailed numbers to this series of Game of Thrones collectibles.


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