Game Of Thrones Christmas Decorations

Deck the halls with white walkers and dragons! What are boughs of holly anyway? We’re from Westeros, we only know of Ironwood and coldsnaps, dragon’s breath and things of that nature. Just go easy on the milk of the poppy, we’re already rambling. Anyway, we’ve put together some cool Game of Thrones Christmas decorations for your tree, as well as a few other goodies to spruce up the place this holiday season. Check them out.

Game Of Thrones Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your tree with your favorite House sigil! With traditional Christmas ball ornaments as well as some beautifully crafted resin discs, these are a step above the usual tree decorations. Top it off with some dragons and white walkers, ’tis the season!

Funko Pop Keychains

Okay so technically these are not really ornaments, but they’ll still do the trick and compliment the other figurine type decos. And hey, if the Mother of Dragons approves, you should too!

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Game Of Thrones Christmas Decorations

Game Of Thrones Christmas Stocking & Hanger

We’re not sure if there’s a Santa in Westeros, although if Grand Maester Pycell put on a few pounds, he’d make a great stand in at the office Christmas party. And for sure there’s a god of tits and wine, but most people celebrate him daily. Either way, you’ll still need a stocking for all your goodies. Don’t forget to check our Game of Thrones stocking stuffers when you’re done! In the meantime, check this one out.

Game Of Thrones Christmas Lights

Finish up the tree with these house sigil lights.

Game Of Thrones Christmas Decorations

Well as we sign off, it’s time for you to say hello to your holiday visitors. Welcome your guests with this machine washable “Christmas is Coming” doormat, complete with the House Stark direwolf sigil. Just don’t pull a Walder Frey after having your bread and salt.

game of thrones christmas, game of thrones doormat

Want more holiday fun?

We’ve got all kinds of goodies lined up for the season. Check it out below!

Get your ugly sweater on this season, literally!

game of thrones christmas, game of thrones ugly christmas sweaters, ugly sweaters

Hoodies, scarves, winter hats and more!

game of thrones christmas, game of thrones winter clothes

Games, toys, collectibles, jewelry and more.

game of thrones stocking stuffers

Our main page for all Christmas and holiday related goodies.

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