The Emilia Clarke Birthday Mystery

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emilia clarke birthday, daenerys targaryen

*New info has been added since this article was originally posted


October 23rd, 2015. A day marred by civil unrest amongst the netizens of Twitteros (and Facebookeros and other social media-os’s). A new conflict erupted between warring Houses, not sparked by political turmoil or land disputes. This had nothing to do with “rightful claims” to the Iron Throne, but a more pressing issue for Game of Thrones watchers who ride for the Daenerys Targaryen name.


The issue at hand? The actual name day of their Queen, Emilia Clarke.


Emilia Clarke

Wikipedia. Not always 100% accurate, but a good point of reference for fans to look at when checking out the basics of the stars they admire. Unfortunately even Wiki doesn’t have a solid answer in this case, which is why most fans are split on when to celebrate. It’s generally accepted that Ms. Clarke’s birthday falls on either May 1st, or October 26th (regardless of year).



To add to the confusion.

Trustworthy authority site reported last year in this article that Emila was presented a cake for the season 5 shooting wrap party while stating:

“Clarke’s actual birthday is not until May 1st, but that didn’t stop a few sites from declaring this a celebration of her 28th birthday. (We counted and there appear to be 27 candles.) emilia clarke birthday emilia clarke birthday However this article posted today (October 23rd, 2015) reports:

“Last year this time, filming was still happening in Osuna, so the production surprised her with a cake. Her celebration this year looks to be a little smaller (and a couple of days early—her actual birthday isn’t until *Monday), but, from the looks of her Instagram, it’s just as heartfelt.”   *Monday is October 26th



Why not make it worse?

A new date was thrown in to the mix on Twitteros by Daenerys parody and Emilia tribute accounts when they posted their name day shout outs on October 23rd. Immediately, fans began correcting these accounts with the October 26th date. But there was only one problem with that….


Emilia Clarke’s Instagram

This was one of the first places we went. Because at the time of this article, Emilia hasn’t posted anything on her official Twitter account other than…


Which was enough to gain 341k followers, but not enough to shed light on the actua date of her birthday.

But she does use on her IG and this is what she posted today….




Our first thought was “yeah but that could be an early celebration”. And, as Winter is Coming suggested, it could be just another production crew party since shooting has wrapped in Spain.

But one of the hash tags #bestparentsbestfriendsbestbirthdaybestbestbest (best parents, best friend, best birthday) would suggest that it has nothing to do with a crew party.


It should also solve the May vs. October debate once and for all.



That only leaves the question of whether it is actually on October 26th as most outlets have reported over the years, or if it is the 23rd.


These Spanish fans sung her a birthday song last year.

Posted on Youtube the day after, on the 24th.

The fan video doesn’t prove anything due to the fact that we’ve all been confused about it for years. However Emilia’s own posting on Instagram does lean to it being the 23rd, and that’s the best evidence so far.


*UPDATE 2016*


Confirming our prior detective work, from Emilia’s own Instagram on Oct. 23 “… and a brand new thirty year old” as well as the debate about whether she was born in ’86 or ’87.


Happy Birthday Emilia Clarke!

May 1st, October 26th, October 23rd, 1986/87?

emilia clarke virthday

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be taken lightly. Made to poke fun at our own fandom for needing something, ANYTHING to debate in the offseason.

We respect Emilia Clarke’s privacy and wish her the best every day, regardless of any date she chooses to have cake.

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