Breaking Down The New Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Shot By Shot

The new Game of Thrones season 6 trailer is here! So many feelings, so many questions! The music (“Wicked Game” by James Vincent McMorrow) starts off mellow, but emotional. Is it because we see our friend Jon Snow lying exactly where we last saw him bleeding from multiple stab wounds (f*** Olly) or is it the fact that as the visuals start rolling, the reality sinks in that we’re finally almost there? It doesn’t matter because we’re completely locked in, and at this moment, nothing else in the world matters.

As soon as the dynamics change, we’re ready for full on action in season 6 and this trailer promises that we’re in for something big this year. You’ve most likely had on replay since it released, but you can watch it again right here before we break down the trailer scene for scene for a little extra clarity.


Game of Thrones Season 6: Trailer 1


And now let’s breakdown the first real trailer for Game of Thrones season 6

Mild spoilers below

game of thrones season 6 trailer, jon snow dead

He’s gone…

Our first shot opens up at the wall, not only picking up where S5 left off, but revisiting a discussion that has been beaten (or stabbed) to death. A very dead Jon Snow, lying in the snow, with no one around to help him. There are many theories about his fate, but we won’t get into that right now.



A ship flying the Martell flag, presumably carrying Myrcella’s body (who is definitely dead in these early photos of season 6) back to King’s Landing.


jaime and cersei lannister

“We’re the only ones who matter, and everything they’ve taken from us, we’re going to take back and more” Jaime says to Cersei, presumably after breaking the news that his mission to rescue Myrcella from Dorne failed.

game of thrones season 6 trailer, cersei lannister


game of thrones season 6 trailer, ser davos seaworth

A shot of Ser Davos Seaworth standing over a funeral pyre. Considering the shots we see later on in the trailer, it belongs to Jon Snow, who’s body the men of the Knight’s Watch will want to burn to prevent him from turning into a wight.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, roose and ramsay bolton


ramsay bolton

A shot of Roose and Ramsay Bolton outside of Sansa’s room. It appears that they’ve just discovered that she took off while they were out taking care of Stannis Baratheon’s army.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, flayed man burning, bolton army

“The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie”

– Melisandre


While it’s pieced together to seem as though we’re getting a shot of one of Melisandre’s barbecues, this is actually a shot of a flayed man burning on the battlefield. In Episode 9 (where we usually see our great Game of Thrones battles) we’ll get to see what fans are calling the Battle of the Bastards. More on that later.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, melisandre, davos

Melisandre confessing to Ser Davos. Has she lost faith in her red god? Or will it be a moment of clarity, where she realizes she misread her own prophecies.


jorah mormont, daario naharis track daenerys

It’s Daario and Ser Jorah the Explorer. Our buddy team of bounty hunters are on a mission to find their queen, who we last saw being surrounded by a horde of Dothraki.

jorah finds daenerys targaryen's ring


It’s Daenerys’ ring, which she dropped just before being captured. Jorah the Explorer is hot on the trail.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, jorah mormont


Now I know how my brother felt.

game of thrones season 6 trailer, daenerys targaryen

A captive Daenerys, on foot alongside the Dothraki probably remembering the time when she did the same thing to her brother Viserys.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, vaes dothrak

We happen upon a giant horse statue that would indicate that they’re in Vaes Dothrak, the center of Dothraki society. Dany stops to look at giant sculpture, or is this just clever editing, could she be looking for something else in the sky?


game of thrones season 6 trailer, daenerys, vaes dothrak



high sparrow

“Everyone of us is poor and powerless, yet we can overthrow an empire”. 

– The High Sparrow

game of thrones season 6 trailer, greyjoy, daenerys, iron island

Okay for some reason, there’s been a bit of confusion among some fans online. They’ve been noting that it looks like Daenerys standing on the ledge from afar, but we’re looking at the Iron born as those are Greyjoy banners.



Theon’s father Balon Greyjoy doesn’t make it out alive this season, he’ll need to be replaced. This is presumably the Kingsmoot in which a successor is chosen.




game of thrones season 6 trailer, sansa stark

“You’re in the great game now” Tyrion’s narrative says as we see a shot of Sansa Stark dressed in nice furs, much nicer than the clothing we saw her in as she escaped.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, tyrion lannister

“And the great game is terrifying” Lannister continues, as we see a shot of him holding a torch. Is he in the catacombs? Is he looking for help in the form of fire breathing pets?

game of thrones season 6 trailer, dragon

Dragon! The editing is clever, but this shot appears to be Drogon who is already free and not being held for a crime he didn’t commit like his brothers Viserion and Rhaegal.



Order your man to step aside or there will be violence.

lancell lannister, faith militant

Oh look, here’s Lancel Lannister, former errand boy to Robert Baratheon, temporary bed warmer for Cersei while her brother was out of town, and current teacher’s pet to the High Sparrow. It looks like he’s threatening his cousin with a little violence if she doesn’t comply. Silly Lannister, don’t you know your own family by now?


robert strong, the mountain, cersei lannister, game of thrones season 6 trailer

Robert Strong, the artist formerly known as The Mountain. Yeah I don’t know about your chances there, Lancey boy.




game of thrones season 6 trailer, battle at tower of joy

Look at the outfit and the throwback hair, it’s Ned Stark and crew, on their way to the raid on The Tower of Joy.


alliser thorne

The Knight’s Watch led by Alliser Thorne, they want in the room that’s holding Jon Stark’s body.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, tommen baratheon, the red keep

“Uh oh, Mom’s out of jail and I’m the one who let them take her there.”

Tommen’s getting ready for his greeting (and beating) by a presumably pissed off Cersei.

game of thrones season 6 trailer, cersei, the mountain, robert strong, qyburn, the red keep

Cersei, Robert Strong and Qyburn enter the Red Keep.



Horses! Most likely in the North and from the Battle of the Bastards. (We’ll get to it.)



Some ships at sea, probably an Iron born fleet.


The Waif don’t play.

the waif hits arya stark, game of thrones season 6

Arya looking like she’s going to see cartoon birds flying around her head at any moment. The Waif cracks her across the face with a foreign object and the young assassin in training is knocked into next week.

Hey Arya, it’s good to see you. “Duhhhhh, yeah well I was just passing by“.




petyr baelish, littlefinger

Littlefinger! Lord Baelish in the North, looking for Sansa? Maybe he found her, maybe he met Brienne. Who knows with this sneaky bugger, it’s not the first time we’ve seen him being shady in remote locations.


margaery tyrell

Margaery Tyrell, still being held by the Faith Militant.



Lannisters doing what Lannisters do.


rider swings fire, game of thrones season 6

Boom! It’s a mace across the chest, and it’s on fire! We’re in the North, we’re not sure if this is a wight or just some random dude getting a fiery beat down.




Still in the North (look at the armor). Could this be the Battle of the Bastards or another battle?



Explosion in Meereen. Dany’s gone but that doesn’t mean the Sons of the Harpy don’t ant to finish what they started.


theon, reek

Theon surrounded by Bolton soldiers and their hounds.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, euron greyjoy

A new character! Euron Greyjoy (Balon’s brother) as played by Pilou Asbæk,  being made into a Drowned Man after winning the Kingsmoot.




brienne of tarth

Theon was surrounded, but here comes Brienne of Tarth!



Is it Melisandre, is it another red priestess, is that Danerys reunited with her ring?


house of black and white

Back at the House of Black and White. Nothing more than we already saw in the the Hall of Faces teaser.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, melisandre resurrects jon snow

Melisandre doing what Melisandre does. Disrobing before a ceremony perhaps? More specifically a resurrection ceremony?


game of thrones season 6 trailer, melisandre resurrects jon snow

Jon Snow’s body, laid out. Can Melisandre work her magic?


arya stark jumping, game of thrones season 6

Blind girls can fly! Arya Stark, practicing what she learned in the Matrix, er, Faceless Men training. Very cool shot.

game of thrones season 6 trailer, bolton army, wildlings

The Bolton army (on the left) ready to face an opposing side of banners.



Wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without a bit of loving on the side. Is that Yara Greyjoy on the right?



More Uncle Euron.


game of thrones season 6 trailer, battle at tower of joy

More flashback! The sigil on the breastplate is Targaryen, we’re back at the battle at Tower of Joy.

tormund giantsbane

Tormund Giantsbane! The wildlings are ready for battle, but who are they fighting? And who are they riding with?


game of thrones season 6 trailer, jon snow alive, jon snow in battle

Wait a minute, who’s that guy in the middle of the battle field? Could it be?



There’s a reason fans are calling episode 9, Battle of the Bastards. Ramsay’s a bastard, so is Jon Snow. 


margaery, high sparrow

Margaery kneels before the High Sparrow. Has she found a new faith or is it just a ruse to get out of prison?


This appears to be another shot of prisoners of the Faith Militant.


arya stark, blind

Yep, still blind. Or is she? Her family seems to have a Jedi like connection to being Wargs.


king's landing, king's guard, faith militant, standoff on steps

Jaime Lannister leading the King’s Guard as they attempt to retrieve Margaery from the dungeons of The Sept. Will she be grateful or has she seen a new light?


Run Sansa, Run!

But who’s she running from?

sansa strak runs, the dothraki, game of thrones season 6 trailer

Okay, she’s not really running from the Dothraki, but it was still kind of funny to see those shots edited together.


wildlings attack

Wildlings, attack!


Wait, who’s that behind me?

bran stark, night's king, game of thrones season 6

It’s the return of Bran Stark. And if this isn’t an “oh shit” moment for him, what is? Although, as we said with the leaked photos from Game of Thrones season 6, Bran standing up probably means that it’s just a vision.



“I’ve never been much of a fighter, apologies for what you’re about to see.”

– Ser Davos Seaworth


ser davos, jon snow body


davos, jon snow, ghost, knight's watch

Ser Davos, how can you not root for this guy? This shot shows him ready to defend the body of Jon Snow (with Ghost by his side) at any cost. While it’s made to look like he’s ready to fight the guys inside the room, the shot of Alliser Thorne and crew make it clear that those beside him are actually with him, ready to prevent the Knight’s Watchmen from taking Jon’s body and burning it before it runs into a wight (and before Melisandre can do her thing.)


So there you have it, breaking down the Game of Thrones season 6 trailer, shot by shot. Hopefully that answered any questions you had and were still trying to make out after watching it in real time.

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