Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Valar morghulis.
Dave’s not here man…


17 days to go until Game Of Thrones Season 5 and we’re finally getting a look at what we’re in for with an actual clip. What better clip to start off with than resident bad ass-to be Arya Stark and her arrival in Bravos?

Maisie Williams (Arya) dropped by Jimmy Kimmel this week and let us in on what’s next for the would be assassin. After the clip she states “anyone whose read the books, will know that’s a very exciting place for her to be”, but at this point even the non-book readers have an idea of what territory we’re in for season 5.

Following that clip there’s a funny little bit about her being cast so young for the show originally, and whether she (or anyone for that matter) was old enough to watch during the first season. She explains what they do when her 87 year old Nan is in the room during family viewings.





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